When I first consulted Mariah some forty years ago, I was taken by surprise by her first observation. She told me something about my present state of mind, which was completely unexpected, and explained how it was affecting my health.  Over the years I have come to understand that Mariah is a shaman.

In our secular age, we don’t know much about the cultures where shamans were once highly honored by their cultures, but we have learned that shamans could go into a trance, and in the trance state pass over to the other side, and then bring information of benefit to their community.  This, I believe, is what Mariah does.

Once she has asked the Light Beings to protect and guide us, she then opens herself up to a vision, which comes perhaps from our own subconscious, and then we discuss the implications of that vision. I am grateful to Mariah for the insights that she has gleaned with her shamanic skills to guide me on my path, and I am grateful also for what she has done to assist me to develop my own shamanic skills.